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Rocky Malloy


Author, Speaker, Educator, and Activist for Children’s Rights ~ Founder Mission Generation and the National School Chaplain Association

The story of Rocky Malloy & Mission Generation Winner of the Best Christian Documentary Short at the Great Lakes Film festival, NY

As a U.S. Merchant Marine Commander, Rocky was sentenced to life in a Mexican federal prison for conspiracy to over through the national government and international drug trafficking in a misguided attempt to help indigenous people in southern Mexico. Yet, arrest, sentencing, incarceration, and pardon occurred miraculously in 72 hours.

His zeal to preach the Gospel and his high tolerance for risk and adventure landed him in the Sandinista Civil war in 1989 where he met his wife and ministry partner. Joske, a Dutch nurse was serving in the conflict. Together they began ministering to the children – the victims of war, sex trafficking, and slavery.

Internationally they serve 20 million PK-12 teachers, students, and their families in over 24,000 schools.

In 2021, Rocky and his family moved to Houston, Texas, with the vision to bring their international successes to U.S. public schools through the National School Chaplain Association.