Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Name: Aracely Ramos Country: Bolivia Mainly the chaplain courses help me to organize the educational resources that I have and to be able to make sound decisions based on Bible faith. God is so important to the teaching-learning process in the classroom. They work according to the needs of each student, providing them with the support they... Read More

Student: Eliana Grade: 11th grade High School School: Cástulo Chávez My name is Eliana. I'm 16 years old. It is important for me to learn the values ​​that our parents teach us. Learn from mistakes and not worry too much. Correctly live our life with duties and rights. All the things I can do in Christ that I... Read More

Chaplain: Yovana Mamani Church: Upper Room Church In the training of the Chaplain Program, I have been able to learn new ways to teach young ladies. We learned that teaching young people to use different dynamic games should be dynamic and practical. These activities make teenagers reflect. It is a better methodology than we are accustomed to... Read More

Chaplain: Olga Coimbra Church: Lion of Judah Church I am blessed with the Chaplain Program training. It has given me tools to help young people in schools with the different problems I can meet daily. In the classroom identifying needs and bringing solutions to establish the Kingdom of God in an understandable way for young people. I... Read More

Teacher/Chaplain: Adela Hurtado Saduk Grade: 10th-12th grade High School School: Cástulo Chávez My name is Adela Hurtado Saduk. I'm a teacher of Biology and Bible ​​in the Cástulo Educational Unit Chavez from 10th – 12th grade. I completed the chaplain courses last year, which gave me the guideline for explaining spiritual issues better about values ​​and sexuality. These... Read More

Teacher/Chaplain: Veronica Lisbeth Rivera Guzman Grade: Primary School: Octavio Ribera Ribera My name is Veronica Rivera. I am a teacher of the subject of Values, Spirituality and Religion. I use the Biblical lessons I learned from the Mission Generation’s chaplains course to teach my classes because they are easy for children and more understandable. It helps us a... Read More

Student: José Villegas Grade: 5th High School School: Cástulo Chávez I'm José, I'm 16 years old, and I'm currently carrying the Bible everywhere I go. With my classmates here at school, I have learned that it is important to know how to take care of our person and our family. My daily life changed a lot after receiving... Read More

Chaplain: Edilio Castro Peña Church: Love Church The chaplaincy training was very good. It was the program's vision to reach the lost, and my expectation is great for how much I will be helping whole families with Biblical values and Godly principles. Knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior transform human beings for good. (1/2/2020) ... Read More

Student: Noelia Marquez Grade: 3rd Grade School: Octavio Ribera Ribera My name is Noelia. I'm 8 years old. I learned how important my family is, and that's why I like to come to school because we all learn a lot of new things. I have learned new words and good things like caring for the environment. We are... Read More

My name is Erika Roman. I am Bolivian. I have a degree in Business Administration and am the International Director of the Mission Generation chaplain program. My father died when I was very young, and my mother struggled financially. I remember going with her to the market and buying rotten fruit. When we got home, my... Read More