Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Title: Worry FreeDate: December 27th 2022Latin American Catholic cities and towns have a common feature called the Central Plaza. One side of the plaza hosts a cathedral. The other three sides host government buildings, city halls, presidential palaces, and other significant buildings. A telling sign of the church's place in government.  The central plaza is lined... Read More

Title: Merry ChristmasDate: December 20th, 2022Years ago, Joske and I lived with tribal people in a remote region. The absence of health care was a big part of the region's infant mortality, which was reported to be 50%, meaning that half of all children died before their second birthday.  It became a custom for families not... Read More

Title: How a cookie changed my outlook on givingDate: December 6th 2022 Being the boat driver was one of my responsibilities as a missionary living among native people. The boat, in this case, was a large mahogany tree hollowed out to form a dugout canoe 30 feet long and about 30 inches wide. It had a... Read More

Title: Got Milk?Date: November 29th, 2022It was 1989 on the Honduran/Nicaraguan border during the Sandinistas War. Then, it was known as the Mosquito coast. The sun was coming up on another hot and muggy day as I met a large crowd outside a M.A.S.H. tent - a napalm-laden artillery barrage the night before left nearby... Read More

Name: Silvia Paz Ecuador country As a teacher, the school chaplain course helps me to be clear about the steps I can take to achieve the objectives outlined in the classroom with my students. Bringing in the word of God improves my activities as a teacher and a course tutor. This medium is excellent for this type... Read More

Country: Bolivia I am an entry-level teacher. The chaplain courses help me to be a better guide of educational processes and work as a team member with my colleagues. I learned how to consider parents' faith in helping their children. I also learned that students take their faith from school and to their homes. This gave... Read More

Name: Doly Vargas Country: Bolivia I am a teacher, and I found the guidelines presented in Mission Generation Bible course very good and helpful. Applying Godly knowledge helps us guide students. Putting the Lord Jesus in the activities helps develop my students and me. I feel strengthened by having more and better knowledge to apply in school.... Read More

Name: Eddith Huarachi Country: Peru Mission Generation will help me improve my performance as a teacher, strengthening my knowledge to teach my students. Putting God in class makes everything better. I suggest they continue providing more courses and conferences that strengthen us in the educational field. (5/11/2020) ... Read More

Name: Bautista Gallardin Country: Peru As a teacher, I have strengthened my Bible knowledge and developed a distance learning plan to prevent acts of violence that may arise in the educational center. Gangs and bullying are big problems in my country. Godly counseling and prayer bring me close to students and helps me support students. The chaplain... Read More

Name: Orlando Murillo Country: Bolivia As a teacher, these courses prepared me to know the problems that the students are going through and give them Godly solutions. It helps me to deepen my relationship with my students and has helped me detect student issues at school activities. The chaplain program helped me better understand the violence my students... Read More