Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Name: Lorenza Altagracia Puello Flores Sex: Female Country: Dominican Republic City: Santiago of the Knights School: Mercedes de Azcona Educational Unit Role: Teacher "You helped me a lot because I was shy before. It was difficult for me to get close to people and interact or to talk and let go. Now I am more extroverted and much more capable... Read More

Name: Carlota Petronila Mejia Herrera Sex: Female Country: Colombia City: Riohacha School: Admiral Padilla Educational Institution Role: Teacher "The truth is that the tools and strategies I have learned through the training with the School Chaplain courses have helped me perform more effectively and efficiently with my students. Many of them need more economic resources. Their parents are not physically... Read More

Name: Jorge Enrique Zapata Zambrano Sex: Male Country: Venezuela City: Temblador School: Faith and happiness Educational Unit Role: Chaplain "I will not deny that my job in education is a bit exhausting at times. I often have to go to a student's home to talk to the relatives and tutors in charge of the student. I need to familiarize myself... Read More

Name: Diana Lorena Bucheli Rosero Sex: Female Country: Colombia City: Narino School: San Pedro Educational Institution Role: Teacher "Every time I get more training and update myself on the courses in the virtual classes they offer, I learn something new. It has helped my profession and my performance with my students and colleagues. That is why I now feel more... Read More

Name: Sandro Santos Canaviri Sex: Male Country: BoliviaCity: OruroSchool: National Mixed Coast of CaracolloRole: Principle I am thankful for all the training I have received to become a chaplain. It has helped me find new motivation in learning and teaching. I have demonstrated the importance of what I have learned in my classroom and around the school.... Read More

Name: Andirza Yariela Reyes Contreras Sex: Female Country: Dominican Republic City: guayubin School: Sun of life Role: Teacher"The most significant impact I experienced was understanding God's extraordinary grace towards us, his children. The second most impactful thing to me was technology. It is such a helpful tool when it comes to teaching and working. Before the pandemic, technology was mainly... Read More

Name: Aida Jacoba FernandezSex: FemaleCountry: BoliviaCity: TarijaSchool: Tarija (Liceo Tarija)Role: TeacherI have loved technology so many thanks to the program, because we all They taught over the internet, which I have come to wake up many times by taking the courses from the different platforms, training myself even with international courses, so I took the... Read More

Name: Abdel Monk Von TensenSex: MaleCountry: BoliviaCity: BeniSchool: Incos Riberalta BTH (Bachiller Technical Humanist)Role: Principle The opportunity you have given us with the chaplain training has been the best thing for our school. Your system allowed me to complete the course while teaching full-time. I have taken three post-grad courses in my various roles in education,... Read More

Title: Walking on WaterDate: Jan 10, 2023I am writing you today about an extraordinary act of love and faith. The time was 1988 in the delta of the Rio Coco, the river separating Honduras and Nicaragua. The Sandinistas inflicted heavy casualties on the civilians, and the refugees crossed the river to escape combat.  My wife Joske... Read More

Title: Epic Year Ahead Date: Dec 31, 2022I am writing you for the last time this year to prepare you for the most epic year of your life. I am optimistic that our families will do well spiritually, socially, physically, and financially, advancing on every front in 2023. I am committed to going over and above... Read More