Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Name: Marcelo Simon Omar Zavala Rivera Sex: Male Country: Bolivia City: Montero, Santa Cruz School: Virgin of Cotoca C Role: Secondary Principal "What has impacted me the most is technology. It is a field that is too broad, it is hard work, it is very useful and this whole world is very beautiful. We have to be as up-to-date as... Read More

Name: Maria Gueisa Paz Antelo Sex: Female Country: Bolivia City: Santa Cruz School: Carlos Vasquez Barbosa School Role: Principle I am almost sixty years old and know almost nothing about technology. The truth is, I loved taking the courses virtually because, apart from learning about technology, I learned how to help my students with any counseling that they needed. It... Read More

Name: PuEloy Yapuchura Mamani Sex: Male Country: Bolivian City: Cochabamba School: Saint Anthony of Padua Role: Secondary Principal Technology has always been a field that has captured my interest. The Pandemic altered how we use everyday technology. I discovered the school counseling program looking for new tools to advance my education. I learned several new strategies to help my students and... Read More

Name: Alma Lucero Luis Ruiz Sex: FemaleCountry: Mexico City: Mexico City School: University of Contemporary Mexico Role: Teacher "The Counseling program was beneficial to me, not only to work on the emotional and spiritual issue, but also in relation to the technological area. It was hard for me to show off my abilities; I still have a hard time,... Read More

Name: Darisay Del Carmen De La Cruz Alvarez Sex: Feminine Country: Mexico City: Tabasco School: Yucatan University Institute Role: Teacher "I feel very grateful for all the learning that they impart in the conferences because they help us as teachers to acquire more experience, more knowledge, more motivation, as I told you, to get to the classroom more confident, with... Read More

Name: Blanca Patricia Torres Juarez Sex: Feminine Country: Mexico City: Toluca School: Official State Preparatory School Role: Teacher "I have worked at all levels of education. From preschool to university; then, I have had the opportunity to live all the different experiences with my students, but the one that has presented me with the most challenge is the secondary level.... Read More

Name: Dr. Jorge Armando Valdez Gallo Sex: Male Country: Mexico City: San Luis Potosi School: Melchor Ocampo Elementary School Role: Physical Education Teacher "This year, I am tutoring many physical ed teachers. I apply the strategies I learned with you and the courses I have taken. I do everything I can to improve my ability to function as a teacher.... Read More

Name: Dr. Rosa Aidé Sánchez Martinez Sex: Female Country: Mexico City: San Luis Potosi School: Ignacio Zaragoza School Role: Physical Education teacher. "The truth is that this pandemic has awakened a more emotional side of me. My students are confident to seek and ask me for help in their studies and any other advice they may need, and they want... Read More

Name: Claudia Patricia Campos Vasquez Sex: Female Country: Argentina City: Catamarca School: Latin American Center for Basic Education Role: Teacher "The pandemic came as an opportunity to apply and train myself in different psychology-related areas. I am very motivated to continue learning and put what I have learned into practice. Students are very different from what they were before. That... Read More

Name: Mireya Anzieta Street Sex: Female Country: Chile City: Puerto Varas School: Everything I learn and access Inclusive Education Role: Teacher During the pandemic, we were deprived of many things necessary for our daily lives, like living with our loved ones. We also suffered in our work area because it took away functioning. The issue of technology has affected us.... Read More