Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Name: Carlos Arch Sex: Male School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development) City: San Luis Potosí Country: Mexico Role: Chaplain The best thing that I learned from my training as a school chaplain is that there is more to eduction than academics. I used to dismiss issues my students were going through as none of my business. Chaplain... Read More

Name: Blanca Estela Ramirez Luna Sex: Female School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development) City: San Luis Potosí Country: Mexico Role: Teacher/Chaplain  With Mission Generation’s program, I have not only learned strategies to help my students but also about technology, which was a great help in reaching all my students. I like the training they give, and I... Read More

Erika RomanInternational COOOfficial, Testimony My name is Erika Roman, I am Bolivian. I have a degree in Business Administration and am the International Director of the Mission Generation chaplain program. My father died when I was very young and my mother struggled financially. I remember going with her to the market and buying rotten fruit. When we... Read More

Name: Karla Maritza Torres Gaona Sex: Female Country: Ecuador City: shop School: Roberto Andrade Role: Teacher I like their modality with UContinua and School Counseling, in which all the content of their courses is recorded in one's profile. In this way, those of us who have difficulties, whether due to a sign or something else, can still advance the content... Read More

Name: Hermis castillo Sex: Female Country: Venezuela City: Sucre School: Carenero Bolivarian Educational Unit Role: Teacher "It is essential to know how to recognize the essential role that the teacher has with the students. Both teach them the basics of school, as well as values, ethics, honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, and empathy. Little by little, I was gaining the affection of... Read More

Name: Veronica Esperanza Gonzalez Sex: FemaleCountry: El Salvador City: San Miguel School: San Miguel Special Education School Role: Chaplain "My little students, for me, are like little angels that, for some reason, God put in my path. I give them all my love, care, and knowledge possible so that they have a dignified and more bearable future. Every day... Read More

Name: Zaida Carrero Sex: Feminine Country: Venezuela City: Dungeon, Guarico School: Alcides Salinas Sports Talent High School Role: Deputy academic director "As the empowered woman that I am, the fact of having more training, more knowledge, as well as experience makes me very interested in continuing to train and be the best to give my students the best support that... Read More

Name: Ana Maria Zabala Gutierrez Sex: femaleCountry: Bolivia Santa Cruz School: Hans Bottler Bowles Bolivia Role: Principle"Personally, it helped me a lot to change my attitude towards teachers, and with parents of students to participate in the program. The teachers resisted the change at first. So I got them to participate in the workshops to train and motivate the... Read More

Name: Carminza Quiroz Velasco Sex: Feminine Country: Bolivia City: Portachuelo School: Nicolas Ortiz Antelo School Role: Principle "For me, the desire to learn and continue learning every day has impacted me the most. Since with you I have noticed that you always give new topics and strategies and highly qualified panelists. They are not repetitive topics like they do in... Read More

Name: Ines Alvarez Guarachi Sex: Female School: Antofagasta Country: Bolivian City: Santa Cruz Role: Principle Thanks to the School Counselor, I have learned to 're-learn', worth the redundancy. Forget about robot teaching and give importance to our students' feelings, emotions, and spirituality. You are always showing our support and understanding with a lot of human warmth. I like the way you... Read More