Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Chaplain: I am David Samo Canasa. I work as a chaplain with my wife at Pedro Cortex school. It has been a great challenge for us to work as chaplains, mostly overcoming fear. The biggest problems of this school are gangs and drugs. We know the cartel is involved. The students are very rebellious, but with... Read More

Chaplain: My name is María del Carmen Totora. I have been a chaplain in the Flamingo Educational Unit for three consecutive years. I have been able to serve young people by listening to them and giving them advice from the Bible. Serving Christ is a very rewarding experience because I can fulfill the great commission of... Read More

Chaplain: My name is Lace Grace Canizarez Vargas. I work in the Julio Aurelio school. I started two months ago, and it has been a beautiful experience. I love sharing my faith with so many students. Counseling young people in the love of Christ is wonderful, but at the same time, it is sad to realize... Read More

My name is Ignacio Pachauri,, principal in the Santa Cruz National Educational Unit. Making use of my authority, I testify that the Mission Generation Chaplain Program fulfills a very useful function. Chaplains Daniel Diaz Oliva and Vivianne Castillo provide a valuable service to our school and students. The chaplains, very kindly, offer our students practical moral counseling... Read More

Student: I'm Diana Galarza. I'm 14 years old. I attend Nuevo Amanecer high school. It was very good that the chaplains came because l have never felt so good about telling someone what was happening to me. I could talk to them about things I could never talk to my parents about. The chaplains helped... Read More

Principle: My name is Victor Hugo Ibarra Morales. I am the principal of the Educational Unit Vertino Candia Ayala of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia. In using my authority, I would like to thank the chaplains: Richard Pairumani and Olga Vargas and (Psychologist) Nicky González, for the dedicated collaboration of moral orientation, pedagogical guidance, and... Read More