Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Teacher: Eloise J.M. (Rene Moreno High) My name is Eloisa I have been working in this school for 5 years as a language teacher, and I have seen many cases of my students going through serious problems in their homes and being sexually abused. They dared not tell anyone, but the chaplains came and began to... Read More

Student: Yuliana Montero (San Juan de Dios High) I'm 14 years old, and my name is Samuel. At school, my classmates bothered me a lot, and several times I wanted to die because I felt bad. They all made me feel bad until we saw a lesson with the chaplain about school abuse or something like... Read More

 Student: Anahi Escobar Paco (Alto San Pedro Jr High) The day the chaplains came, they told us about makeup. I understood that many women put on makeup to look beautiful or for others to admire them, but the woman looks very different when the makeup is removed. So, with our sins, we can look good and pretty,... Read More

Student: Samuel M.G. (Simon Bolivar Jr High) The chaplain program impacted my life because it helped me solve my problems at home and school. Counseling helped me a lot. I received more help in the spiritual area and the family area. In my opinion, chaplains are good and kind. They make me feel better they... Read More

Student: Ero Zamora (Angela Pinckert High) The chaplain gave us a very interesting talk about the use of pornography. The boys learned that use of pornography is something that isolates you from other people. It makes you unfeeling toward people around you, and you feel excited about wanting to see porn again. It is addictive, like... Read More

Principle: Olga Marques Mendez (Alto San Pedro High) We are currently receiving help from the Mission Generation Chaplain Program; they support our staff regarding the problems students have. This program has been well accepted here in the educational unit, and there is a great expectation because it has had positive results. The activity that students, parents,... Read More

Student: Mayeli Mendoza Miranda Grade: 11th grade High School School: Cástulo Chávez My name is Mayeli. I am 17 years old. I want to study. U.A.G.R.M. Nursing or some branch of medicine and, in a parallel study, to be a social studies teacher; for that, I try to be responsible with my studies. I want to learn in school.... Read More

Student: My name is Angeline Quiroz. I am 12 years old. I am in 8th grade at Castulo Chavez high school. The Chaplains Program impacted me through the advice they gave me. There are obstacles in my life that must be overcome. The chaplains helped me to know God's word and have a better relationship with... Read More

Student: My name is Isabel. I study at the school Vertino Candia. The Chaplain Olga helped me as no one else would. She listened to my problems without judging me. She taught me about God's word and why Jesus should be in my decisions. I was able to believe in God again. My family problems were... Read More

Chaplain: My name is Cinthia Lima. I am a chaplain with the Corde Cruz school. I primarily lead student Impact conferences in schools along with counseling. The student's problems, as the teachers call them, are gospel opportunities. Student counseling is prayer meetings where we practice listening to the voice of God. thank God I have been... Read More