Equipping schools and chaplains to serve spiritual needs of students, staff, and families.

Name: Tre9 Ministry: Eyes on Me, Inc. City: Houston, TX Role: Chaplain In 2008, I started a 501 c3 non-profit organization called Eyes On Me Inc which exists to mentor, disciple and serve at-risk youth and their families.  Primarily in under-served communities,  we engage students through in-school assemblies, mentoring and meeting student school supply needs.   We also run three mission centers near... Read More

Name: Carlos Arch Sex: Male School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development) City: San Luis Potosí Country: Mexico Role: Chaplain The best thing that I learned from my training as a school chaplain is that there is more to eduction than academics. I used to dismiss issues my students were going through as none of my business. Chaplain... Read More

Name: Blanca Estela Ramirez Luna Sex: Female School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development) City: San Luis Potosí Country: Mexico Role: Teacher/Chaplain  With Mission Generation’s program, I have not only learned strategies to help my students but also about technology, which was a great help in reaching all my students. I like the training they give, and I... Read More

Name: Veronica Esperanza Gonzalez Sex: FemaleCountry: El Salvador City: San Miguel School: San Miguel Special Education School Role: Chaplain "My little students, for me, are like little angels that, for some reason, God put in my path. I give them all my love, care, and knowledge possible so that they have a dignified and more bearable future. Every day... Read More

Name: Jorge Enrique Zapata Zambrano Sex: Male Country: Venezuela City: Temblador School: Faith and happiness Educational Unit Role: Chaplain "I will not deny that my job in education is a bit exhausting at times. I often have to go to a student's home to talk to the relatives and tutors in charge of the student. I need to familiarize myself... Read More

Chaplain: Yovana Mamani Church: Upper Room Church In the training of the Chaplain Program, I have been able to learn new ways to teach young ladies. We learned that teaching young people to use different dynamic games should be dynamic and practical. These activities make teenagers reflect. It is a better methodology than we are accustomed to... Read More

Chaplain: Olga Coimbra Church: Lion of Judah Church I am blessed with the Chaplain Program training. It has given me tools to help young people in schools with the different problems I can meet daily. In the classroom identifying needs and bringing solutions to establish the Kingdom of God in an understandable way for young people. I... Read More