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Carlos Arch

Name: Carlos Arch

Sex: Male

School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development)

City: San Luis Potosí

Country: Mexico

Role: Chaplain

The best thing that I learned from my training as a school chaplain is that there is more to eduction than academics. I used to dismiss issues my students were going through as none of my business. Chaplain training awakened my human and empathetic side. I want to continue helping my students with whatever they may need me and not just the academic part, which is very important. I want to be a better Jesus person with more empathy for those around me. 

I have a 19-year-old student that he had serious drug problems and as a result he got involved in crime.  The federal court had to intervene. The judge sentenced him to a rehabilitation institution instead of prison. I intended not to forget him so I regularly visited him applying the different techniques and strategies I learned from the Mission Generation program. My credentials as a chaplain gave me access. So I visited him academically and spiritually.

After struggling so much with his attitude, this young man has managed to understand that actions bring consequences. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and he is now taking the path of the Lord to help others find Jesus. At the rehabilitation institution where they have him, he gives motivational talks to other boys with drug and alcohol problems and has become quite an evangelist. I am happy to report he has not dropped out of the University, in fact, he has applied himself so much that his grades have gone up significantly.

Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to become a better person with the ability to meet the academic and spiritual needs of my students. 

Carlos Arch

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