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Blanca Estela Ramirez Luna

Name: Blanca Estela Ramirez Luna

Sex: Female

School: Adeiin Psych pedagogical Center Attention to Integral Child Development)

City: San Luis Potosí

Country: Mexico

Role: Teacher/Chaplain 

With Mission Generation’s program, I have not only learned strategies to help my students but also about technology, which was a great help in reaching all my students. I like the training they give, and I always go in for training they offer in everything that I can to keep myself updated and continue improving my abilities to help my students and everyone who needs it.

For example, this year, I had a new student that needed divine help. Her parents gave her drugs when she was an infant, so she was placed into foster care and adopted. She was still in drug rehabilitation when she entered my class as a nine-year-old. What she had missed all those years was a relationship with Jesus. After just a few one-on-one sessions, this young lady’s improvement was quite impressive. Better grades motivated her to do even better. I would have never known how to deal with such a severe case without Mission Generation’s training and support.

I have so many stories I could give you about the transformation Jesus made in the lives of my students, but this one is the one that has made the most significant impact on me. Blanca Ramirez

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