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Abdel Monk Von Tensen

Name: Abdel Monk Von Tensen
Sex: Male
Country: Bolivia
City: Beni
School: Incos Riberalta BTH (Bachiller Technical Humanist)
Role: Principle

The opportunity you have given us with the chaplain training has been the best thing for our school. Your system allowed me to complete the course while teaching full-time. I have taken three post-grad courses in my various roles in education, and I have never seen better training than the one you provide.

These courses have strengthened my faith and given me the courage to lead our school when problems arise. We now have all the spiritual tools we need to face and overcome the adversities that come our way.
As a rural district in the Amazon basin, witchcraft is one of the biggest. Superstition combined with poor medical care driven by fear means our students are exposed to all manner of spells and incantations. Recently, a student came to school wearing a rooster’s foot necklace. I called the parents and asked them to meet at school. After a few minutes in the Bible recounting the story of Naaman and the power God has to heal, we prayed together. The parents confidently removed the chicken foot necklace, renewing their trust in the Lord.
I am also a massive advocate for Bible training in my school. I encourage my teachers to sign up for your program so that we can do everything in our power to help our students make God decisions in their lives.
Abdel pictured with hie two daughters.

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