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Adela Hurtado Saduk

Teacher/Chaplain: Adela Hurtado Saduk

Grade: 10th-12th grade High School

School: Cástulo Chávez

My name is Adela Hurtado Saduk. I’m a teacher of Biology and Bible ​​in the Cástulo Educational Unit Chavez from 10th – 12th grade. I completed the chaplain courses last year, which gave me the guideline for explaining spiritual issues better about values ​​and sexuality. These are such

taboo subjects in other classes. It gives us themes to teach them about in a dynamic way, and they learn this way better. There have been many changes at school since I applied what I learned from the chaplain courses. Before, there were many pregnant students. Now there is not. Before, there was a lot of ignorance among students regarding sexuality. For example, they asked me about menstruation, which would be the beginning of sexuality for women. They asked me, When does the woman have menstruation, and how many liters of blood do they lose? They believed that women were constantly losing blood. The lessons are a very good contribution since the parents either do not have time or do not know in their homes. The chaplain program encourages you to talk openly to your children about sexuality or other issues. In a survey I did for a degree on sexuality, 99% told me teachers should talk about sexuality with their students. The students have more confidence in teachers when it comes to this topic. We open a little more confidence for them to ask and inform themselves. The teachers were also very close to talking about sexuality with students. Now we speak it openly, which greatly reduces sexual misbehavior among the students. At first, the students take it to be a game and laugh. But when they know you care, it gets a little more serious. (1/2/2020)

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