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Be a Peacemaker


When you nurture HOPE in students through chaplains you change the trajectory from despair to flourish. Here’s how you can join us to serve the spiritual needs of our teachers and children:


Volunteers raise awareness for the contributions chaplains make in schools and equip those interested with the tools needed to be successful. Here are the current volunteer needs at National School Chaplain Association:
>>  Chaplain Support Call Center
>>  Administrate Support
>>  Speaker
>>  Writer

Get Involved

Contact Lorena Garza: 281-229-1819

Email Lorena

Become a Chaplain

Certified Chaplains have proven to dissipate tension, resolve conflict, and bring hope. So follow the call and provide spiritual care for teachers and students. Here’s how to become a school chaplain:
Step 1:  Submission of Chaplain Assessment

Step 2: Background Clearance on police, FBI, Interpol, and social media

Step 3:  Certification from NSCA as a School Chaplain

Step 4: School chaplain application

Step 5:  Listing on the National School Chaplain Association Register

Be the Change

Learn about our chaplain training program and certification here.

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Hire a Chaplain

Help teachers and district employees navigate through life’s challenges by advocating for placing a chaplain in your school. Hiring a chaplain will:
>>  Supports Mental Health
>>  Lower Absenteeism
>>  Help with Teacher Retention
>>  Increase School Safety

Support Your Students

Discover the benefits to placing a chaplain in your school or district.

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Ways to Give

Your gifts provide school districts that desire happier, healthier, and more academically robust students with an option of hiring chaplains. Make people aware that school chaplaincy is viable. Sponsor a school’s chaplaincy program or provide a scholarship for chaplain. Here are the different ways you can support this cause:
>>  Donate Online
>>  Donate Stock
>>  Donate Cryptocurrency

Make a Difference

Your gift brings faith, hope and love to schools.


Take Action

Put education and society back on track by bringing God and prayer to schools. Help children develop morally, spiritually, and academically, along with safer schools and mental health. Here are ways you can act:
>>  Enlighten school superintendents and board trustees
>>  Share our blog posts with friends
>>  Invite TV, radio, podcasters, & journalists to discuss school chaplaincy
>>  Attend our events or invite us to your events

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